The Korda Connection

By: stagnantunicornpic

The Korda connection is a short documentary film that weaves in a P.O.V fictional narrative based on facts. This film goes in depth into one of Agenda 21’s most wanted psychopathic elite and his family ties to eugenics, including Henry Kissinger. Reverend Kris Korda is a transgender vegetarian Dj and founder of the Church of Euthanasia. His church, founded in the state of Massachusetts and funded by the globalists, is based on four chilling pillars that would make Sodom and Gomorra pale in comparison. Many worldwide, have fallen victim and prey to his unholy satanic religion. Furthermore, we take a look and incorporate not only the eugenics of humanity, but also the false hope and the veil of illusion bestowed upon us by the music industry and mainstream media.

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