A Healthy Distrust

by Liberty L

Directed by Mike Adamski
Graphics by Anthony Adamski
Music by Kevin MacLeod

Featuring all Original and Exclusive interviews with heavy hitters in the liberty movement such as, Larry Pratt, Stewart Rhodes, Adam Kokesh and many others…

I am just one guy with a camera and a passion to resist tyranny at all costs. While already working more than 40+ hours a week at multiple jobs, I found time to travel from Springfield, MA to Boston, Keene, NH, Philadelphia and Washington DC. I found like-minded individuals all over the place.

This film is for you! To show you that people are out there fighting for our rights each and every day. It is intense, because our opposition is relentless – but serves as a great motivator. Share this video with people who are not politically conscious and wake them up, then join the ranks and get out there and fight for what is yours!

This film covers questions such as, What is the nature of government, What is the proper role of government in the lives of the people, Are they really coming for the guns? Why is the government arming to the teeth? Do elections really matter?

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