The Free State Solution

by crye55

Unlike other films which focus upon various aspects of an ever encroaching tyranny, this short documentary explores possible solutions in resisting that tyranny. “The Free State Solution” gives a glimpse into the ongoing efforts presently at work within the state of New Hampshire, with a particular focus upon the two dominant courses of action utilized by activists aimed at achieving & preserving freedom.

This original film attempts to alert people- not so much about the aggressive ambitious of a controlling government (which is taken for granted), but offers solutions for fighting back, while showcasing individuals who are already engaged in that epic struggle.

Jason Sorens, Free State Project founder
Varrin Swearingen, former FSP President
Christopher Lawless, FSP participant & Liberty Forum organizer
Irena Goddard, FSP participant & former FSP President
Seth Cohn, NH State Rep & FSP participant
Joel Winters, NH State Rep & FSP participant
Jenn Coffey, former NH State Rep
Mark Edge, “Free Talk Live” co-host & FSP participant
Jim Forsythe, former NH State Senator
Stefan Molyneux, anarchist philosopher,
Ian Freeman, “Free Talk Live” host
San Dodson, FSP participant & activist
Bill Domenico, FSP participant & activist
Rich Paul, FSP participant & activist

Editor – Corey Kealiher
Assistant Editor – Chris Rye
Camera – Chris Rye & Dan Todd
Music – Daniel Oszvath & Scott Augusto
Artwork – Bob Todd
Animation – Corey Kealiher

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