by Aron Anderson

Clandestine is a sci fi short film taking place on Earth in the year 2020. We had three months to film a short film based on liberty. The day after the contest was reveled. I started writing like crazy.

The first month was writing the story and toward the end of that month was making the props, costumes ect.

The second month was scouting for a location then story boarding. About two weeks into the second month we started filming. Filming took about four weeks to complete.

The third month was all sleepless nights editing video effects, color grading, and sound design.

I had a very small team helping out on this film. But the small team I had was a great team. Everyone was on time and worked their butts off to get this film finished in time for the contest deadline.

Filming location: All in Puerto Rico
Cabo Rojo
Vega Baja

I used a Panasonic GH3
Two prim lenses: Panasonic 1.7 20mm and Olympus 1.8 45mm
Mic used was the Rode Video Mic Pro strait into camera because no time for separate audio
Variable ND filter
Various Jibs, cranes, sliders, tripods and mono pods.

Software used:

3d Studio max
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Elements 11
Adobe After Effects CS6
mocha AE for tracking
Video Copilot Element 3D and Optical Flares
Audacity for make sound effects
Pc with Windows 8
Red Giant Magic Bullet
Shian Storms ColorGHears

Special thanks to everyone in the credits and who helped out and gave me support including.
Jesus Christ
My wife Lizdian
My mom June

TrinityFXmg presents

an Aron J Anderson film
Jose Manuel
Angel Vasquez
Lula Vega
Music Composer Ramon Solorio
Produced Written and Directed by Aron J Anderson
Writer(s) Manuel Cast
Gideon Silva Jose Manuel
Jake Silva Angel Vasquez
Carla Sanchez Lula Vega
Frank Bridges/Judas Escobar Aron J Anderson
Mechanic Joel Hernandez Agostini
Mother Marianela Vargas De Hernandez
Boy Ignacio Hernandez Vargas
Farmer Christopher Rive Production Department
Robert Perez
Lizdian Alexandra Ruiz Sambolin
Kevi­n Schires
Lester Rive
Ernesto Toché
Isaac Santiago Reyes
Carla Perez
Genaro Silva

Chris Kuhn Hover Bike and Arc Reactor
Anthony P Venator Star Destroyer

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