Beta Test (2027)

by KeyIntelMedia

‘Beta Test’ – Short Film submitted by Craig Murray

In a dystopic future, 2027, the United States has fallen into a dangerous, technocratic existence. Weaponized drones over US soil are commonplace, ammo for citizens is nearly dried up, and those who do not explicitly follow the government’s agenda disappear. For years, military and ex-military have been speaking out about their dissatisfaction. Utilizing as much valuable intel from their inside sources, rouge enclaves are moving past their failed diplomatic attempts to discourage and expose the corrupt, usurping elements of the government and corporatocracy and into a ‘hot phase’ to survive and restore Liberty.

Intel leads three ex-military onto the illegal black operation of an asset in transit…an asset that is to be holding valuable information…enough to expose a false flag and major corporate misdoings…”

Production Notes:
We are a small but professional, independent 3-person core crew from Atlanta, GA that love the art of filmmaking, especially in the genres of sci-fi, conspiracy, action, and drama. We believe storytelling through film is an excellent medium to promote Liberty and wake people up to the real dangers happening to us now and in the future…not as predictive programming, but as warnings and a message that we know what is going on…

This film may confuse some, it may be very clear to others, but it will get you thinking…

This film was executed in 2 weeks from start to finish on a zero-budget: concept, screenplay, producing, casting, scouting, filming, editing, and scoring. Prior to this 2 week period, we spent over a month making phone calls to everyone we knew explaining the focus of Liberty, a good script, and the opportunities we presented. We bargained, traded services, and spent many late nights on the project making it the best we could under the strict time and money constraints we had. The hard work paid off, and we were granted some amazing talent to add to our film including the right to use KRS-One’s “Disaster Kit” produced by Mad Lion…a perfect addition to the overall theme.

Thank you for watching and supporting our film and!

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