George Washington’s Revenge

by offthehooktv

Anti-Constitutionalists Michael Moore and Piers Morgan are abducted from the future and brought to the past to answer to George Washington himself. They soon realize the who constitution is not a joke for they are facing a Revolutionary Waterboarding experience they will never forget.
This is our official entry into Alex Jones Operation Paul Revere Contest.
We are freedom lovers so spread this video with anyone you can anywhere you like. You may also use any of our original content from this video in your videos as well.
Any names and characters portrayed in this video resembling any actual life persons is just simply coincidental.
This video is protected under the 1st Amendment ! It’s sad we have to even write that being we are in America but in case you don’t know it means “Freedom of Speech”
This is a parody comedy and is in no way shape or form a threat to any actual persons or to any United States Government Officials!
No one was hurt making this film.
You want to know the truth? Visit the site below
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This video was censored by Google recently and the Producer was black listed from the entire Google platform. Only thing that it said it was due to a legal complaint. Many believe it was Michael Moore or Piers Morgan. Producer Telly aka Leatherface was on the Alex Jones show live via skype the next morning to discuss the issue.
Update June 29th
Leatherface considers demonstration/ Press conference in front of Google Headquarters next week.
Follow Leatherface –

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